What do i need to know about returning items to you?

  • All items returned to us must be in the original condition and packaging in which they were sold, with all original tags attached and folded up and in the original plastic bag.
  • When trying on clothing, please ensure that you are not wearing any fragrance or deodorant that may leave a scent or mark.
  • Discolouring due to contact with aftershave, harsh detergents or other colour fading agents does not constitute a manufacturing/ fabric fault and we are not obliged to provide a refund/ replacement if the returned garment has been in contact with any substance that causes colours to fade. we will send the garment back to you if the discolouration is not a genuine manufacturing fault. (please note: our quality control department has seen every type and cause of discolouration so we will know exactly what has happened to the garment!)
  • Damage caused to garments once worn or whilst being worn i.e. rips and tears are not a manufacturing /fabric fault. it is your responsibility to select the correct size garment and to take precautions when wearing the garment to avoid contact with sharp objects or objects which may catch the fabric and cause a tear. we reserve the right to provide a refund or exchange for a replacement item if we deem that the garment has deteriored due to something other than a manufacturing/ fabric fault and we will return the item back to you. (again, our quality control department can easily identify genuine manufacturing/ fabric faults and rips and tears incurred due to an item not fitting or being caught on something sharp. so please be aware that they will know exactly what has happened to the garment!)
  • All garments are provided with clear washing instructions, however, these are to be used as a guide and we cannot be held responsible for any discolouration that may occur and are not obligated to provide a refund or replacement. if you are unsure you should launder the item separately at the lowest temperature possible and avoid tumble drying, drying over radiators or close to any hot area. please see the care guide below for additional information about washing your garment:

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